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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 10.11.2023

Super busy week this week! We have a very strict schedule to ensure this Christmas story is released on time, so it’s full steam ahead :D

We decided to do this game on the Ren’py engine, which obviously is quite the switch. It will still be text-based, but we can add a bit more pizzazz to it with some fun Christmas designs, GUI, as well as add in some music!

Obviously, this does present the problem of not being able to transfer in saves from Choicescript, but as this is a stand-alone story not affected by main game events, so that’s not a worry.

But I do want it to be super quick and easy to make your MC in this game seeing as you can’t just transfer them in—definitely not have to go through dozens of screens to do that! So I’ve managed to come up with a way to make it that you can pick your stats on one screen—simple and quick!

Nai has been designing the GUI aspects, and they look SO merry and amazing! You might have seen the work-in-progress stat screen I was just talking about this week that she posted.

It’s been quite the experience re-learning how to code GUI again, as it’s been quite some time that I’ve worked on Ren’py, and it’s been updated quite a bit since then :D But it’s coming together really nicely, so very pleased with that and the feel it’s giving to the game!

Something else I forgot would need to be thought of is fonts. So we’ve been trying to figure out the best font to make it unique, Christmassy, but very readable.

We’re also starting to think about how to look for some testers for releasing it on Mac computers. I’ve never had issue with releasing visual novels on Mac in the past as Ren’py games seem pretty stable on those, but we want to be super sure of it before being able to say yay or nay! :D

And then of course there was writing and coding the actual game itself, hehe! I’m having to be more strict with myself on too many dialogue choice sets seeing as it’s supposed to be a lighter game…but you guys know what I’m like by now, lol! Still want it to feel like a Wayhaven game and just as immersive.

It’s coming together really well, and I’m absolutely loving the vibe of it! Getting to throw UB and the MC into such a different kind of environment and situation has been amazing, as well as all the cosy, festive vibes…just loving it!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday <3


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