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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 11.08.2023

It was all about balance this week!

I was getting stuck on a section of the story that really needed fleshing out in a way to balance the intensity of things that have come before.

Book Four is really full of awesomely cool set-piece type scenes! Yet I also like to make sure that I give more quiet, domestic-type scenes to balance that out. But I realized that it’s the antagonist’s fault this hasn't happened so far :D

They don’t want the MC to have a chance to breathe. They don’t want the MC to have a moment of rest. They want to keep them on their feet.

But as cool as this realization is…I also know that, as a player, it could get rather exhausting, lol!

So I was looking over this particular moment where it would be perfect to add in some downtime to let player and MC have a chance to just chill out. Then, once again as is always happening for this book, the scene just came to me! :D I’m SO happy with it! A real moment of fun time to take a breather before the intensity starts up, and the antagonist gets to stir it all up again!

Then there was also the balancing of POVs this week. There’s a lot more shifting of point of views in this book to really give the feel and depth that I want for this story, as well as the characters involved. But I still don’t want too much of it to be away from the MC’s perspective as it’s obviously the player’s story that is being told.

So I’m still figuring out which POV scenes to take out to help readjust that back to the MC’s focus.

It's very difficult as the antagonist so badly wants to have not just the MC’s attention but apparently the player’s too, hehe!

But, in the spirit of balance, I also think I’m finally realizing how I want to lay out Book Four’s plan.

I am breaking down the chapters much more than even in Book Three’s plans and having a checklist at the beginning of each scene, to help ensure I don’t forget all the variations that need to go in. Hoping this will help speed things up when writing Book Four, as Book Three got a bit confusing when the plans were quite detailed—and I’m trying to be even more detailed this time around!

Hope you all have the most fabulous weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next week!


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