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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 16.02.2024

This week was a week of two halves!


At the beginning of the week, around writing, me and Nai tried to get our workspace more under control, lol! With the amount of pieces of paper and scraps to write notes I use, it does tend to get messy rather quickly, and it was seriously time for a cleanup!


But in the process, we discovered a whole bunch of things we can do to help so much!


For example, we found a really old monitor, and Nai suggested I could plug it up as a second monitor and use it to see my variables. That was serious mind-blown moment! :D I’ve been struggling to see and search through my variables printed on paper as there are SO many now, even after trying to clean up my coding.


Whereas with a second screen that should mean I can search through it digitally with ease, and that’s less paper cluttering up the desk too.


Nai also now has a pile of old reference material we found that she will steadily be turning digital—not something the Agency would approve of, but hey, it’s going to be so much easier to find in the future, hehe! ;D


Then amongst all of that, I finished F’s scene and got a start on M’s! F’s flowed really nice and easy, as it usually does, which is such a nice feeling after the back and forth of A’s.


We’ll see how M’s goes. They can also be a bit awkward at times when they don’t want to play ball with a scene, lol! :D Theirs’s also has more variation to it to account for what the MC decides at the beginning of the scene, like with N’s, so need to make sure I get all of that sorted.


But even if things are a bit difficult, I think I should easily get that finished next week, especially with starting it earlier than planned already!


It’s a lot of work adding in different opening scenes, but it’s so worth it, especially as I think it reinforces the feeling that this will be an even more romance-focused book!


Hope you all have the most incredible weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday <3



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