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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 18.08.2023

My wrists were having a bit of a protest to all my typing lately (really need to get my ergonomic keyboard back out!), so I spent some time reading over what I’ve typed up so far.

It was actually a really good thing to do, as I noticed there was quite a large narrative element missing: the transition for the MC from detective to Agent!

I don’t want that to really just be a thing that is mentioned and happens off-screen. Some of it will because a few weeks will have passed between Book Three and Four, but I want there to be some story/game scenes to play through for it too. I’m hoping that will make it feel like a progression for the player, as well as the MC, to this new shift in role!

So, I was mind-mapping out some potential ideas. It needed to be something interesting as it’s a story beat that the player will need to go through again if they replay the game.

Didn’t want it to just be a sparring scene like the combat sections, and I didn’t want just paperwork like the research scenes (which actually isn't how the combat/research scenes will be playing out this time in Book Four either!). So, it was just a case of letting my mind think over what could be an active scene that isn’t one of those.

Then, as I was looking over the list of teams for Wayhaven’s facility, I thought of something that would be really interesting for this moment! Something that these agents would have gone through themselves!

And it will even have a variation to it for multiple replays, giving a slightly different take on the task depending on who you end up choosing to have the scene with…which won’t be Unit Bravo! :D

I’m now starting to get towards fleshing out the lead up to the endings, which for some reason I’m a bit nervous about. Each book in Wayhaven has a rhythm to it that I want to be the same for each book to give that ‘comforting’ feel when you play through the series. But I also don’t want it to get samey!

So yeah, really want the endings to have a difference to them this time, and I know one of them certainly is an eye-opener with the love interest, hehe! :D

As you might be able to tell, it was a lot of back and forth this week on thinking over things, but it was good to take that time to stand back and look at the big picture! Still, hoping my wrists will oblige me next week and let me get back to the excitement of actually writing out the plan of the story to come, lol!

Hope you all have a magical weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll update you all again next week <3

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