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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 20.10.2023

So the plan for the beginning of this week was to get back to working on all the preparation coding that comes before the game even starts…but the writing was calling to me! A siren song I just couldn’t resist, hehe :D

But I did behave and got back to the coding mid-week after working on more of the opening, as it splits depending on love interest. I was writing this really lovely moment with Nate/Nat that just took my breath away…it was such a quiet, close moment where not much was happening but that kind of just made it more intense somehow.

Anyway…back to the coding, lol!

As I was working through adding in what’s needed for those creating characters for Book Four and not importing, I realized just how clunky and BIG all of it is. I don’t want to overwhelm everyone when really all players want to do is get playing not spend ten minutes ticking through choices, lol!

Although I’m not sure there is actually a better way for me to do it— there’s three books worth of choices and info to go through, after all—but I am going to start looking at it and seeing if I can find some way smoother. Possibly really shortening the prompts of the choices so as it goes much faster.

I’m not sure it needs a whole overhaul, but definitely cleaning up and streamlining somehow hopefully. But I’ll be running it through my editor and readers thankfully when they go over the first couple of chapters, so I can get their opinions on whatever I try when that time comes.

I did end the week on some more writing though to help ease my brain after all of that, hehe! :D

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday <3

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