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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 21.07.2023

Super productive week this week that felt SO motivating! Like a seriously-in-the-zone kind of week :D

First up, I finished the first draft of Book Four’s plans!!!

I already know sone scenes I wanna shift around and add, but it’s still seriously exciting to see it as a whole piece in this very rough first iteration!

I then straight away got to typing it up into second draft form. This is where I take what I’ve done and write it out as is but start expanding it and begin to flesh out actual scenes.

For example, half a page of first draft plan turned into 9 pages of typed up plan because I began really delving more into the specifics of it.

There’s still a lot of work to go on it, but I’m already majorly eager to get writing this book, hehe! :D

Another fun thing this week was I got to record a video to start a fun series on Patreon for the Extra Glimpse posts!

The Extra Glimpse posts are where I can give a look at behind the scenes things, which I’ve been trying to give an idea of my planning process of Book Four but not having much luck due to wanting to avoid spoilers, lol!

So I thought you patrons on the (whatever tier) might enjoy planning out a Wayhaven-themed collaborative example project together! I’ll show you how I would do things in stages, then you guys get to vote on a poll how you’d like the project to progress, such as what setting you’d like the story to use, etc.

Might even end up going further and showing how I’d plan out writing scenes too if it’s something you’re finding helpful!

That starts on Monday! Really hope you enjoy it :D

So yeah, busy week but it just got the creativity pumping, as well as pushing my hype up even further for Book Four!

Hope you all have the most fabulous weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll talk to you next week!


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