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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 25.11.2023

After the tumble down the stairs last week and damaging my wrist (which is, thankfully all better now!), it left me behind on my very strict writing schedule!

I did manage to edit while I was letting things heal though, and that means that Nai got to check out the first part of Holiday Magic! It was great fun getting her comments back while also being assured that it has the exact light, fun feel I was going for.

I’m hoping to get that first part over to the editor and readers asap, so they can work on that while I try my best to catch up on writing, which is why this update is late as I’m trying my best to really push through it!

Though I came back to writing in the perfect spot as it’s the first of the ‘mini date scenes’, which I am loving, hehe! Putting the vampires and the MC into situations that may not be their area of expertise is always good fun

I’m really pleased with how it’s going though. The plan I did is really detailed, which has meant that getting back into the flow has been super easy! And getting into the Christmas romantic feel is definitely always something I enjoy!

Hope you all have a super weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday…already so excited to share even more of what’s coming in this short side story, hehe! <3

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