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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 26.01.2024

I did something this week I don’t normally do: I rewrote Adam/Ava’s scene as I was writing it.


Normally, when I do rewrites, I will keep going with the scene I’m on and then decide afterwards. It’s surprising how things change once the whole scene is written! But something just wasn’t quite right with how I wanted their opening to be.


It didn’t match with the ‘vibe’ I wanted for the love interest openings.


Book Four starts out with quite the punch, which I always love doing with getting straight into some action and drama, hehe! :D

But unlike Book Three where it continued on with drama for a bit, I wanted to slow things down. Have a chance to spend some time with the love interest properly, especially as Book Four is pretty darn intense!


And A’s just felt too…drama, lol!


Obviously, this is A’s scene, so some drama and angst is always expected, but their romance might not be what people expect in Book Four considering the ending to it in Book Three.


A’s romance is the most emotional rollercoaster romance of the lot. Up and down, down and up! And there may just be more up in this book than down…before the plummet that may just come in the oft-talked about major angsty painful Book Five, hehe! ;D


So yeah, it just wasn’t working, so I made the decision to scrap it and redo it long before I would normally. And it was SO the right decision! Now things are flowing waaaay better, and it feels more like how the others scenes will with the love interests.


Sometimes, you have to take the pain of deleting a whole bunch just to make it shine brighter…something I know but that always makes me wince as a creator, especially after days of working on scenes!


Hope you all the most amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday! <3

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