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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 29.03.2024

Very much a same-thing kind-of week! Writing and getting prepped towards the demo.

I mentioned before about having a different system in place for Book Four when it comes to editing and testing. The plan is to write one chapter, completely do all my own editing and testing on it, then move onto writing the next chapter. Whilst I then write the next chapter, the previous one can go to the editor before then going to the readers and testers.

Hopefully completely finishing up one chapter at a time will make things much easier than overwhelming my poor editor and readers with lots of chapters in one go, especially with there being so many more branches and variations that all weave in and out and together at this point in the series! It wasn’t as necessary for Book One and Two, but I definitely came to realise that things needed a more thorough go over by Book Three when it was all more intricate to work all the scenes and branches around each other!

But you know I LOVE my variations and branching, so I don’t want to compromise on writing those, it just meant a different process was needed.

It does mean I have to take more time between chapters, but in the end it should save time towards the end parts of the book when I usually save up a lot of my testing for then.

It’s all kind of an experiment, but I really think it will take the pressure off for a lot of the process!

Saying that, I already kind of got off plan because I started writing on Chapter Two because I hadn’t decided where Chapter One was ending, lol! :D

But I’m back to Chapter One and working my way through that, as well as dipping back into the character creator when needed as I go through it.

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, so we'll be back to it on Tuesday instead of Monday! (I do realise today is a bank holiday as well, but I really wanted to get just a bit more done on the editing!).

Hope you all have the most wonderful weekend! I’ll update you all again next Friday <3


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