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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 29.09.2023

Oh my word, guys! Next week I will be starting writing Book Four! And am I ever unbelievably eager to get this particular story on the go! I don’t think I’ve ever been so hyped to start writing as this one :D Though saying that, I do have social media days next week, which should be very fun as the results of the Patreon poll for the Autumn/Spooky scenarios are now in!

So Haley, Alima, Sin and Maaka won, and I’ll be writing the AU romantic October Scenario specials for those! And I always love writing me some autumnal moments :D I also need to actually start the writing of Book Four with some of the tidying up coding I talked about before. But that’ll actually save me a lot of time in the end, as I’ve done some learning on how to smooth out some coding! Then there’s also the immense task of writing and coding the Book Three synopsis and character choices for those who aren’t transferring over characters from previous books! After that though, Chapter One begins and, honestly, I’m actually shaking with excitement writing that I’m so ready to begin, hehe! So it’ll be a busy one next week, but so worth it as I finally get to start on what I’ve been planning! Can’t wait to fall back into the romances with Unit Bravo, introduce new characters, put the MC in even more intense situations, and finally bring the baddy to life. And as our villain for Book Four says, “Meor’dal, you’ve never met anyone like me before.” ;D Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll talk you all again next week and try not to make to make excited pterodactyl shrieking noises when Book Four begins, lol!

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